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Would you like to discover the secrets of magnificent city of Athens and others or would you prefer to spend an unforgettable day, in the peaceful setting of the extraordinary Peloponnese countryside visiting famous towns and towns like Ancient Corinth, Nemea, Mecenae, Nauplion, Sparta , Ancient Olympia, Delphi and Meteora? Or perhaps enjoying the beauty of the Athens Sounion Coast? Maybe you 'd prefer visiting some wineries in Nemea - tasting the wines and other delicacies for which Greece is famous? Whatever your traveling needs may be regarding Athens sightseeing tours and Private Tours of Athens-Greece , Tours of Athens is ready to satisfy every single one of them and more than anything we are specialized to do it in the best way possible while guaranteeing safety, comfort, quality and cost. All of our Tours of Athens , Walking Tours of Athens, Tours of Ancient Corinth, Tours of Mecenae, Tours of Nauplion , Tours of Ancient Olympia , Tours of Delphi and tours of Meteora are private and personalized to best satisfy even the most demanding guests, meaning that our driver will pick up at any location and time you desire and then be at your complete disposal for the duration of your tour.

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Your Greece excursion and everything you choose to do will be exactly as you request with the possibility of further personalizing your tour directly with your driver. In fact, your driver will work closely with you making suggestions in order to provide you with exactly what you want. He will take care of all your needs during your tour in Greece, giving you the best suggestions for restaurants, shopping, and not-to-be-missed sites, making the day you spend with him not only an unforgettable one, but the also a day seen from the point of view of a local and not simply as a tourist.

Your Athens Shore Tour and Athens Walking tour will be planned to suit your needs and interests while at the same time maximizing the time you have at your disposal. You shouldn't spend your precious time in long lines or in groups of 50 or more people stopping at sites in which you aren't interested or having to leave a particular site before you are ready. And this is what usually happens in large group tours.

With Athens tours you can relax and enjoy the very essence of your greece excursion without any thoughts except to enjoy yourself! Besides this, all of our vehicles have the necessary authorizations to access all places - even the pedestrian areas and other zones normally closed to traffic, and this makes our services especially desirable for those who have mobility problems. Our drivers and tour guides will pick you up and drop you off wherever you wish, therefore minimizing the walking distances, something that is not possible with large bus tours who don't have access to the historic centers of the cities and force their guest to walk long distances to and from very inconvenient pick-up points. Just imagine how difficult that can be at the end of a long day of touring when you are tired!

In this website you will find dozens of proposals for Tours all divided by area. We trust you will enjoy us and maybe find that extra push to come over and discover or rediscover Greece!

...and don't forget your camera!!!

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Athens ToursThere are few cities on Earth that can rival Athens for its legends, history and culture. This is the birthplace of democracy, the theatre, philosophy and more. The Golden Age of Greece was one of the most important eras in human history, and it was all centered on Athens. It was here that the Olympic games were held, it was here that the stories of the gods were written, and it is here that you may be visiting one day... Read more Delphi Tours Why do millions of people visit Delphi every year? Not to consult the Oracle, like they did in ancient times, but to see the place that controlled the fortunes of individuals and states alike. Delphi was the center of religious and political power for several centuries. Through the issuing of prophesies, the priests in Apollo's sanctuary influenced state decisions about many issues, from waging war, to starting a new colony. People would travel for days to...Read more

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Corinth Tours Canal of Corinth The Corinth Canal is a spectacular canal which connects mainland Greece to the Peloponnese. Built between 1881 and 1893 the canal is 6.3 km long and 8m deep. It saves ships a journey time of approximately 24 hours if using the canal instead of having to sail around the whole Peloponnese. Only smaller ships can use it as it is only 21m wide. The canal nowadays is used mainly by tourist ships. Twelve million cubic metres of earth had to be removed to cut out the entire passage...Read more Meteora ToursYou will visit Meteora monasteries perched on the top of the huge rocks. How the monasteries were built on the top of these virtually inaccessible rocks is a subject of fascination for pilgrims and visitors alike. The monasteries with their wooden galleries and corniced rooftops, crown the summits of these formidable pinnacles, precariously hanging over the sinister abysses with the Pindos mountain range and the vast plain, woods, gorges and picturesque villages below, these unworldly hermitages...Read more

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Olympia Tours Olympia Tours Amongst shady pine, olive and oak trees, in a valley between Mount Kronos and the Alfios River on the Peloponnese Peninsula, lie the remains of two temples and the stadium where the first Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. Since the modern Olympics were inaugurated in 1896 torchbearers have set out from Olympia to carry the Olympic flame in relays across the world to wherever the games are held every four years... Read more Mycenae Tours Travel back in time to a land whose mighty heroes inspired the greatest literary works of art of ancient times.Using the works of Homer as a guide, archaeologists have learned that the Bronze Age warrior culture of which he sang was more than a legend. This civilazation, the civilazation we now call Mycenaean , really existed. The ruins of the old city of Mycenae inspire awe by their size and age - in a way they remind you of Machu Picchu...Read more


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