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Tours of Athens is a family-owned and operated company based in Athens-Piraeus. My name Dionisis or Dennis Kokkotos I was born in the United States, and lived there for 7 years. When my family moved back to Greece , my family managed to harmonically combine the American and European cultures with our transportation company. After completing my military service and then finishing my studies as a physical therapist I decided to join my father in the touring-transportation business. For an amazing tour of Greece - look no further. We are a family that is passionate about delivering quality services, customer satisfaction, and an acute eye to detail, we are proud of our 15-year success story. To make our services impeccable, our first priority is that our clients always have the best from our company! We take great pride in making sure our customers enjoy an unforgettable vacation to Greece and because we take care of all of the details - you have a great and relaxing experience! I can promise you that if you take a journey with me, whether it is a half day trip in Athens or a week long excursion around the country you will come back with an understanding of Greece that you will treasure and you will have perhaps the best vacation of your life. You will eat the best food and be treated like a guest of my country and when we say goodbye at the airport you will be saying goodbye to a friend you will always remember and hope to see again.

What to Expect...

You will enjoy first-class Greek hospitality .Our love of our native land inspires us to offer you access to all parts of Greece , using a high-quality private car/limo and deluxe van-mini bus fleet and our well-trained, experienced drivers and tours guides. We are prepared to meet all of your travel requirements and budget. My colleagues and I are able to satisfy every request with professionalism and courtesy. Sightseeing with one of our vehicles is a relaxing, luxurious and unforgettable experience.


As members of the Athens - Piraeus Association of Tourism Automobilists, we are sanctioned under the Greek Ministry of Tourism.
We have a variety of vehicles to choose from to provide the best available for your needs. l drive the a Mercedes 8 to 20 seater minibus and a 6 door black Mercedes 7 seater limo with all of the seats looking forward. All of them fully air-conditioned and very comfortable. I drive very carefully and I do not smoke. We offer exceptional VIP service levels of comfort, service, convenience and security. Personal car/van service with hourly or daily rates for glamorous nights and access to restricted historical places of Greece are also available. From a special deluxe 6 door Mercedes limo or to a mercedes sedan taxi or a van or a minibus, we can provide a top class service anytime and anywhere around Greece . Our vehicles are fully insured and perfectly maintained, the drivers are all rated by the local authorities with all the permits required for our activity.

Our Services:

Each tour is a crafted work of professionalism, knowledge and warm communication, personalized for your vacation needs. We take people on excursions around Athens , to the Parthenon, to Plaka , the museums and shopping trips. I will show you the best shops and help you get the best deals if you want to shop while you are here.
The end of a day can be complimented with a fine meal at an elegant restaurant or taverna. We know the scenic and fastest routes, and the finest restaurants. Please tell us what your interests are for a visit to Greece and we can personalize your tours for a very memorable vacation. We look forward to welcoming you and assure you that you will remember forever your trip to this magnificent country!
Meeting people from all over the world, helping them satisfy their needs and answering questions, this is the background that makes our company special. We know that our best advertising is a happy client, who will come back and send over his friends to be served by us. lf you are a first timer you will quickly become a client as many others who keep recommending us whenever somebody is traveling to Greece!

Beware of low cost service offers

Low cost services are tempting but the satisfaction of saving a few euro will turn into frustration that will remain with you, long after the satisfaction is forgotten!
Risks with low cost services:
1. No insurance on vehicles.
2. Vehicles are not licensed as legal passenger transport vehicles. These vehicles can be stopped by the police and you will be stranded on the highway with your baggage!
3. Regular maintenance is not carried out on the vehicles.
4. Drivers are low paid and overworked and have to speed to reach the target earnings for the day.

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