Meet Our Tour Guides and drivers

My Tour Guides and my drivers grew up in and around Athens and we love this city. We've shared our enthusiasm and expertise with thousands of english-speaking clients from all over the world. My drivers are well dressed, professional, and always on time. But they're also a lot of fun. They speak excellent english and really love what they do. And they want you to love Athens as much as they do. Don't take our word for it.;

Please note that by law in Greece and in most of EU countries drivers cannot guide inside the sites/museums and tour guides cannot provide chauffeur service.

Driving Guide

Use a driving guide for a city tours, excursions and trips. Driving guides are fully licensed to drive a vehicle classified as public transportation . They are well educated and professional.A driving guide has good knowledge of Greece, its history and art. While English speaking drivers are fairly common in most cities, driving guides aren't as easy to find. The difference between an English speaking driver and a driving guide is the depth of intellect and knowledge. Driving guides are professionally trained to ensure that you get out of your excursion whatever you are looking for in the way of local color, culture, fun, historical sights and museums, landscapes and views, restaurants, etc. The amount of information provided by a driving guide will be more thorough and personalized to your particular interests than what is offered by an English speaking driver. However, in many European cities, a driving guide may not be allowed to guide tours through archeological sites and museums where such explanations are restricted to tour guides. A driving guide is ideal for you if you are not familiar with the place you’re visiting and you want to see as many sites as possible in a half-day, or full-day, and you want someone to design the perfect itinerary for you without going deep into details at each one of the places you visit.

English Speaking Driver

English Speaking Driver are all very experienced and used to hosting foreign tourists. They are all extremely familiar with the sights you will undoubtedly want to visit. If you have made a list of "highlights" for any city you'll want to visit, English speaking driver will gladly take you wherever you may want to go. If by chance, however, you did not have the time or inclination to "do your homework" before travelling, the driver will design an itinerary that will include all the highlights. English speaking driver will offer only very basic information about the sights you will see. English speaking driver speaks English, but rarely at the level of a driver guide (see above). Therefore you can use an English speaking driver if you are familiar with the area you are visiting and you just want to be taken on the itinerary you set for yourself without having to bother driving yourself, or walking, and finding the places you want to visit.

Tour Guide

Tour guides are those who are specialized and licensed to guide in one specific city or limited area .Therefore many local governments, especially in Europe, have chosen to assure the integrity of the local culture by licensing only those guides who have had a formal education and have proved to be knowledgeable and qualified to represent their area or city. Tours conducted by tour guides are often intense and detailed. The use of a walking licensed guide is recommended for the visit of museums and walking areas.


Driver just drives you to the points of interest. He is fully licensed to drive a vehicle classified as public transportation. Knows where to go, but knows only a few words of English and a tourist normally has trouble communicating with him. He’s used for simple transfers or flanked by a tour guide.