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Mycenae is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Mycenaeans, a civilization made up of herdsmen and warriors, prevailed in the south of Greece from approximately 1600 - 1100 BCE (before the Christian Era). The stuff of legend and fantasy, Mycenae has been the focus many archaeological excavations and investigations throughout the last several centuries, most notably with the work of Heinrich Schliemann, a noted Anthropologist whose desperate attempts to locate the legendary city of Troy helped to unearth a treasure trove of fortified palace complexes, burial tombs, and a cache of gold and bronze items comparable to the tomb of Tutankhamen. The Mycenaeans were Greece's first real military and economic powerhouse, whose extensive trade network and military conquests were sadly short-lived, much like their influential predecessors, the Minoans.

Each Mycenaean city was remotely located and heavily fortified, obviously due to their fondness for conquest throughout the Aegean region. The Mycenaean city was ruled by a king who was a member of the landowning aristocracy, known as the wanax. The king controlled the land, trade, and probably every other economic function of the city. The palace complex of the king in a Mycenaean city was imposing, with large fortification walls and stone gates that were meant to intimidate as well as impress would-be defeaters. Mycenaean Achievements

Mycenaean burials were located in vast tholos tombs. These tombs were engineering and construction marvels, erected using corbelled arches and a post and lintel design. Cut into a hillside, the doorway of the tholos tomb often weighed several tons.

The Mycenaeans were a war-loving culture, whose conquests via their naval fleets no doubt aided in their efforts to build a vast trade network. They succeeded in this, and were able to import metals not available in their home region, such as gold and bronze. With these metals, they were able to become accomplished metalworkers, fashioning fantastic pieces of jewelry, funerary masks, and of course, weaponry.


Suggested Itenaries

* Mycenae Tours can be combined with Corinth tours, Nafplio tours, Epidavros tours

3 Days Tour
3 days Argolis (Corinth-Mycenae-Nafplion-Epidaurus) and Olympia.
One overnight in Nafplion and one in Olympia.

4 Days Tour

4 days Argolis/Olympia/Delphi.
Day 1: Argolis overnight in Nafplion.
Day 2: Olympia and overnight there.
Day 3: Delphi and overnight there.
Day 4: Visit the Osios Loukas monastery and return back to Athens.

5 Days Tour

Day 1: Argolis overnight in Nafplion.
Day 2: Olympia and overnight there.
Day 3: Delphi and overnight there.
Day 4: Meteora and overnight there.
Day 5: Return back to Athens.

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